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If you think you know your Bible verses, stories, and personalities well, then put that knowledge to the test on this free Bible Trivia game! Answer questions from both the Old and New Testament. See how well you can remember every Bible story, verses, and more. Can you also remember the angels and holy people that were mentioned in the Bible?

Put Your Bible Knowledge to the Test

The Bible is one of the oldest ever printed books in the world. Been translated many times over, it remains one of the most popular and best-selling books up to this day. Notably because of its timeless record of beliefs that we respect and hold on to each day.

Every Bible verse is like a treasure that we can use in our day to day lives . Even the stories, fables, and anecdotes therein still show the teachings and way of life of the Christian faith. So if you want to keep your Bible memory sharp, you can test yourself with this game’s numerous Bible trivia questions!

Level Up According To The Points You Earn

Bible Trivia games free is not just about simply answering whatever question you get, you also need to level up as you go along in the game. You may start on easy questions on level 1, but the answers get more difficult as you go higher in level. How do you like playing brain games that will let you learn all about your chosen faith?

Each correct answer will earn you points, depending on how fast you have answered it. When you gain 10,000 points or more, you go up to level 2, and if you get 40,000 points or more, you go up to level 3! Eventually, 1,000,000 points will help you get to level 7! Do you know what gifts were brought by the 3 wise men to Jesus? Do you still remember what was written in Revelations? See if you can still recall and answer such questions on Bible Trivia!

To save your progress, create a username and make sure you sync your game profile to the cloud. You will never lose your progress when you do this. Best of all, you can switch playing from different kinds of devices and continue from where you left off just by logging in your username or account.

Achieve the Highest Ranking on the Leaderboards

On Bible Trivia game, this is not just about testing your knowledge about the Bible, but it is also about a little friendly competition! When you sync your account to Facebook, you can see how well you rank against friends and other users.

You can also check how well you ranked against players from different parts of the world on Bible Trivia’s official website! You only have to log-in with the same username or account you made on the game.

Get Bible Trivia Games For PC!

Like Brain Dots and other popular games brain games, Bible Trivia is originally designed for mobile play. However, it just doesn’t stop there. Now you can download a free unblocked version of the game on PC and start your Bible trivia journey. No doubt, this is one great way to enjoy the game. Even while you are at work or school, as long as you have lots of downtime in your hands. Join over 250,000 players who have fun answering Bible questions and challenges straight from your PC!

Organize Bible Quiz Bees with the Help of Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia can be of great help! If you are a Bible lecturer, Values Formation teacher or catechist, you may want to organize a simple Bible quiz among your students and guests. You can use the questions in the game and even use the same choices too to test your students’ ability. See if that can recall Bible verses and stories and answer your questions correctly.

It is also a great way to check if they are indeed doing their Bible readings and are keeping up with the lectures. You can also ask them to download the game so they can play it at their device. Then, all you have to do is to check their progress on the Bible Trivia site!

Stuck On A Level? Get Help From The Bible Lookup

The Bible is a big and wonderful book. There are tons of stories and people in it that even follow their generations for many years. It is almost impossible to master all of that, except if you have been studying as a Bible scholar and researcher for years.

So don’t worry if you find yourself stuck on a certain question. The question does get more difficult once you go higher up in the levels. If you find yourself unable to answer one question, you don’t have to give up altogether – you can seek help from the Bible Lookup.

The Bible Lookup gives you a hint. It shows the exact Bible verse that can give you the answer to the questions that you are having a hard time with. Still, it will only give you the book, chapter, and verse. It is still up to you to read the reference and find the answer.


Game Features

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Bible Trivia Screenshot

Play Bible Trivia on PC & Mac FREE now!